Abundant Freedom:

The Community

Abundant Freedom:

The Community

Site Rules & Community Terms

Welcome to the Abundant Freedom community. This page includes the rules in regards to reading/posting on the forum. Please make sure you agree with all rules. By joining the forum, you are stating that you agree to these rules and will adhere to them at all times. If you do not agree with any of these rules, please remove yourself from the community.

Violation of group rules will come with a warning, silencing, or immediate removal depending on the case. 

The Freedom Five

Keep discussions secular


Tolerance is non-negotiable


No spam, no advertising


Adhere to copyright laws


Admin decisions are final

About These Rules
A Few Final Points

Do not send messages to another member of the group to bypass any rules. If you receive a message from a member that violates group rules, or makes you uncomfortable, please notify an admin ASAP. Please include a screen shot, if possible.

You may not share screen shots of anything from within this community with anyone outside of this group under any circumstances. If you have friends you'd like to invite to the community, please do so.

Q: Is this community specifically for Black homeschoolers?

A: No. After much consideration, I decided that there are plenty of large Black homeschooling spaces on other social networks. The goal of the Abundant Freedom Community is honest and true inclusiveness. This is why there is an application process and strict rules.

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